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Boardgame Players Association
 2012-2013 War At Sea
PBeM Championship Tournament

The 9th BPA War At Sea PBeM tournament (2012-2013) will start on September 1, 2012. 

This year's bracket can be seen at 2012-13 bracket.  For event history, check out the BPA PBeM Tournament Page.

All entrants are required to be a member of the Boardgame Players Association.  See the BPA Website for details about joining.

The tournament format will be single elimination.  Players will initially be seeded by their current number of BPA Laurels earned in War At Sea as of June 1, 2012.  The players currently without any Laurels will be seeded according to their AREA ratings as of June 1, 2012.  Any ties will be randomly resolved..

At the start of each game, bidding for sides will be used.  The lower seeded player in the bracket for each matchup will email how many (if any) POC they are willing to give up in order to play their preferred side.  The other player can then accept the non preferred side or bid a higher amount of POC.  This continues until one of the players accepts the POC and the non preferred side.  Bidding must be in no finer than 1/2 POC increments.

In the case of a tie, the Axis player will advance in the bracket.

A time limit of 10 weeks will be set for each game.  If a game runs past the time limit, I will have the two assistant GM's and myself adjudicate the game.   Each player's speed of play will be considered in the adjudication decision.  I do not expect to need to do this (and have not had to in the past), as long as everyone plays at a reasonable speed.

I have had to mediate a few die roll disputes in previous events.  Just so everyone knows where I stand on this, if there is a disputed die roll, my procedure is to encourage players to resolve their problems themselves.  If they can not, I will rule in the following manners:
1)  If too few dice are rolled, those rolls are kept and additional rolls are ordered.
2)  If too many dice are rolled, the excess rolls are ignored.
3)  If the format of the die rolls are wrong (such as it is not possible to definitely tell which were the hit rolls and which were the damage rolls), the die rolls are rerolled using the correct format.
4)  It is suggested that everyone use the Firish WaS/VitP Die Roller (, though the final decision is up to the two players.

Any games exceeding the time limit will be adjudicated by GM Bruce Monnin and/or assistant GMs Jonathan Lockwood or Vince Meconi.

War At Sea rules clarifications to be used are found on the Rules Clarifications page. 

To sign up, email the GM (Bruce Monnin).

The 3rd place player will be the person in the Final Four who lost to the champion.  Likewise, 5th place will be awarded to the Elite Eight player who lost to the champion and 6th place to the Elite Eight player who lost to the runner-up.

Last Updated August 29, 2012