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The meaning of our German name, Wohleben / Wolleber, is "well-liver" or "one who lives well." Other early variations of the name are WOHLEBE, WOHLLEBEN, WOLLAIB. The book, Förstemanns Alt Deutsches Namenbuch Vol. 1 (old German name book), 576 pages, printed 1967, states WOHLLEBE means, and it includes (n) and (r), "Schönes Leben Führt," or equal to "ein sanft leben," translated as "one who leads a nice life" or "one who leads a gentle life."

The earliest our WOHLLEBE was found in Germany, according to the above book, is a CUONRAT WOLLEBE in 1295, a "Herm" - HERMANN WOLLEBEN in 1235 in Friedberg, close to Frankfurt/Main. Herman GUTLEBER is referred to as the same man in another book.


In our attempt to connect every line of the WOHLEBEN family in Germany, and particularly those who immigrated with the Palatines in 1709-10 , we are working toward filling this page with links to known family groups and their "place" in the family tree. We love the family folk lore that has passed down to our generation and will include as much history about the individuals as possible.


Also check below for e-mail addresses of WOHLEBEN cousins and genealogists interested in our family tree, and please add yours to our list. We do not claim to be the FINAL authority on the family line, but we hope that our efforts will be rewarded with new sources to confirm or disprove the branches of our family tree as we have found it. Our concern is that this information be accurate, citing all sources available, and noting any link that has discrepancies. If you have information that adds to or corrects the family history, please contribute your information for inclusion here.


We belong to a group of family researchers, WOHLEBEN COUSINS INTERNATIONAL, a group interested in sharing genealogical and family information. For the past few years our editor has been Charles Woliver, however, he has retired from this task and his nephew, George Woliver III, now publishes our quarterly newsletter. The newsletter can put you in touch with many new cousins and provide historical information about the family. There are many of us who are unsure of our link to the family, or are lacking the proof needed to cement our lines. The Cousins International may help you find your link. To fund the publishing of the newsletter, members are asked to contribute $10 per year. If you are interested in joining, please write to:

George H. Woliver, III
3 Laura Lane
Wallingford, CT 06492-2924 USA



Thanks to Rootsweb's dedication to genealogists, and the cooperation between George Woliver, Denise Woleben and Rachel Meyer, we now have a mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the WOHLEBEN surname and all variations (e.g., WOLEBEN, WOLLEBEN, WOHLLEBEN, WOLIVER, WOOLEVER, WELLIVER, WILLEVER; also LIVEWELL and NEBELOW .) any place, any time.

It's easy to subscribe or unsubscribe -- just click on the the words "Subscribe to the Wohleben E-Mail List" below. When the "mail-to" window pops up, leave the subject line blank and type just the single word "subscribe" (without quotes) in the body of the message. Do NOT use a signature file attached to the e-mail message when you subscribe or unsubscribe. The software reads your message and tries to answer each command it finds. When it runs across your signature file it gets a bit confused and will send you a message stating something like 'Do not recognize command 'Jones'. Do not recognize command "Smith", etc. That's all.

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Please spread the word to other WOHLEBEN researchers that you may know to join our list!


The links to the family tree (as we know it) begin here. If you are a descendant of this family, please contact us for inclusion in this work. If you are a Wohleben descendant who has not yet linked with the earlier ancestors, we would like to include the information you have in a query format, in the hopes that someone will be able to help you find your WOHLEBEN ancestor.


Please Note: Because of the many various spellings, we have indexed every Wohleben descendant as "WOHLEBEN" - and will make reference to the way they chose to spell their names. This will make it easier to find all the listings for someone with the given name you are searching for, i.e., Johann Peter or Peter.


There are several source references listed in many of the Individual Notes. We highly recommend the following to anyone researching Palatine families of these areas. Note that the capital letter will be used to reference the source for particular information.

A:"The Palatine Families of New York 1710" by Henry Z. Jones
B: "Woolever Family History" by Raymond Grant Woolever. RGW put together a monumental amount of information and privately published it. Known to have errors, it was edited by Eva Gares to correct the errors she found.
C: "Early Families of Herkimer County, New York" by William Barker
D: Wohleben Cousins Newsletter, published quarterly by Wohleben Cousins International, George Woliver III, Editor.
E: "The Stull Family - Julia Ann Stull (1814-1872) and Her Ancestors," by Wayne V. Jones, published by Northwestern University 1998.


Email us at rwmeyer@nktelco.net or george.woliver@snet.net


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