NKTelco is Ultra High Speed Internet.

We’ll send you on your way to a productive, stress-free day! At NKTelco, we understand that you need reliable, convenient, high-speed Internet service. We provide the speed you need with a solid, no-hassle connection.

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Mach 1 (up to 1M)$19.95
Mach 5 (up to 5M)$34.95
Mach 10 (up to 10M)$39.95
Mach 15 (up to 15M)$44.95
Mach 25 (up to 25M)*$59.95
Mach 50 (up to 50M)*$99.95
Installation Fees
May be waived with a good credit inquiry and signed 2-year contract$59.95
External Cable Modem Fee**$39.95

*May not be available for DSL customers.
**Not applicable in Shelby county.

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