Below all of our archived sports games are categorized by season. Please click on the season of the game you would like to watch, and from there you can click on the “Watch here” link for the individual game.

DateTimeTeams PlayingBasketball1st Airing2nd AiringWatch Online
TuesdayAugust225:30 PMMinster @ Fort LoramieVolleyball8/23/20178:00 PM8/24/20176:00 PMWatch here
ThursdayAugust245:30 PMFort Loramie @ AnnaVolleyball8/26/20172:00 PM8/27/201712:00 PMWatch here
FridayAugust257:30 PMFort Loramie @ MinsterFootball8/25/201711:00 PM8/29/20177:00 PMWatch here
SaturdayAugust2610:00 AMBotkins @ New KnoxvilleVolleyball8/27/20172:00 PM8/28/20176:00 PMWatch here
TuesdayAugust295:30 PMLehman @ Marion LocalVolleyball8/30/20178:00 PM8/31/20176:00 PMWatch here
TuesdaySeptember55:30 PMFairborn @ SidneyBoys Soccer9/6/20178:00 PM9/7/20176:00 PMWatch here
FridaySeptember87:30 PMSt. Henry @ New BremenFootball9/8/201711:00 PM9/12/20177:00 PMWatch here
SaturdaySeptember910:00 AMJackson Center @ LehmanVolleyball9/10/20172:00 PM9/11/20176:00 PMWatch here
TuesdaySeptember125:30 PMBotkins @ AnnaVolleyball9/13/20178:00 PM9/14/20176:00 PMWatch here
FridaySeptember157:30 PMMinster @ Marion LocalFootball9/15/201711:00 PM9/19/20177:00 PMWatch here
SaturdaySeptember1610:00 AMNew Bremen @ AnnaVolleyball9/17/20172:00 PM9/18/20176:00 PMWatch here
SaturdaySeptember161:30 PMHeidelberg @ ONUFootball9/16/201711:00 PM9/17/201712:00 PMWatch here
TuesdaySeptember195:30 PMMinster @ New BremenVolleyball9/20/20178:00 PM9/21/20176:00 PMWatch here
ThursdaySeptember215:30 PMNew Bremen @ New KnoxvilleVolleyball9/23/20172:00 PM9/24/201712:00 PMWatch here
FridaySeptember227:00 PMWest Carrollton @ SidneyFootball9/22/201711:00 PM9/26/20177:00 PMWatch here
WednesdaySeptember275:30 PMPiqua @ SidneyGirls Soccer9/28/20176:00 PM9/30/20172:00 PMWatch here
ThursdaySeptember285:30 PMMinster @ Marion LocalVolleyball9/30/20174:00 PM10/1/201712:00 PMWatch here
FridaySeptember297:30 PMAnna @ Marion LocalFootball9/29/201711:00 PM10/3/20177:00 PMComing soon
ThursdayOctober55:00 PMLCC @ BotkinsGirls Soccer10/7/20172:00 PM10/8/201712:00 PMComing soon
FridayOctober67:00 PMWaynesfield @ LehmanFootball10/6/201711:00 PM10/10/20177:00 PMComing soon
SaturdayOctober76:00 PMCapital @ ONUFootball10/8/20172:00 PM10/9/20176:00 PMComing soon
MondayOctober95:30 PMWapakoneta @ SidneyVolleyball10/11/20176:00 PM10/12/20178:00 PMComing soon
TuesdayOctober105:00 PMBotkins @ LehmanGirls Soccer10/11/20178:00 PM10/12/20176:00 PMComing soon
FridayOctober137:00 PMTroy @ SidneyFootball10/13/201711:00 PM10/17/20177:00 PMComing soon
FridayOctober207:00 PMPerry @ LehmanFootball10/20/201711:00 PM10/24/20177:00 PMComing soon
FridayOctober277:30 PMMinster @ AnnaFootball10/27/201711:00 PM10/31/20177:00 PMComing soon
SaturdayOctober281:30 PMMarietta @ ONUFootball10/28/201711:00 PM10/29/20172:00 PMComing soon
SaturdayNovember111:30 PMBaldwin Wallace @ ONUFootball11/11/201711:00 PM11/12/20172:00 PMComing soon
DateTimeTeams PlayingBasketball1st Airing2nd AiringWatch Online
SatApr81:00 PMONU vs. MuskingumWomen's Lacrosse4/9/20172:30 PM4/10/20176:00 PMWatch here
TuesApr115:00 PMAnna at LehmanGirls Softball4/12/20176:00 PM4/13/20175:00 PMWatch here
ThurApr135:00 PMNew Bremen at Marion LocalBoys Baseball4/15/20172:30 PM4/16/2017NoonWatch here
SatApr151:00 PMONU vs. Baldwin WallaceMens Lacrosse4/16/20175:00 PM4/17/20176:00 PMWatch here
WedApr195:00 PMWSU Lake vs. Clark StateWSU - Baseball4/20/20176:00 PM4/22/2017NoonWatch here
ThurApr205:00 PMMinster at New BremenGirls Softball4/22/20172:30 PM4/23/2017NoonWatch here
SatApr221:00 PMONU vs. John CarrollWomen's Lacrosse4/23/20172:30 PM4/24/20176:00 PMWatch here
MonApr245:00 PMButler at SidneyGirls Softball4/25/20176:00 PM4/26/20176:00 PMWatch here
TuesApr255:00 PMNew Knoxville at New BremenBoys Baseball4/26/20178:30 PM4/27/20176:00 PMWatch here
WedApr265:00 PMWSU Lake vs. Clark StateWSU - Baseball4/27/20178:00 PM4/29/20176:00 PMWatch here
TuesMay25:00 PMNew Knoxville at MinsterBoys Baseball5/3/20176:00 PM5/4/20176:00 PMWatch here
TuesMay95:00 PMBotkins at AnnaBoys Baseball5/10/20176:00 PM5/11/20176:00 PMWatch here
Tournament Games
TuesMay115:00 PMSt. Henry at MinsterTournament Baseball5/13/2017Noon5/14/20172:00 PMWatch here
WedMay175:00 PMNew Bremen vs. MinsterTournament Softball5/18/20176:00 PM5/20/2017NoonWatch here
Summer Games
SatJune34:30 PMIndiana Blitz @ Tri-County RaidersSemi-Pro Football6/4/20172:00 PM6/5/20177:00 PMWatch here
SatJune244:30 PMLions @ Tri-County RaidersSemi-Pro Football6/25/20172:00 PM6/26/20177:00 PMWatch here
SatAug54:30 PMMichiana Thunderhawks @ Tri-County RaidersSemi-Pro Football8/5/20172:00 PM8/6/20177:00 PMComing soon
DateTimeTeams PlayingBasketball1st Airing2nd AiringWatch Online
SunNov131:00 PMUrbana at WSULCWomen11/14/20166:00 PM11/17/20166:00 PMWatch here
TuesNov225:30 PMDefiance at ONUWomen11/23/20166:00 PM11/24/2016NoonWatch here
TuesNov227:30 PMDefiance at ONUMen11/23/20168:00 PM11/24/20162:00 PMWatch here
SunNov271:00 PMMiami-Hamilton at WSULCWomen11/27/20166:00 PM11/28/20166:00 PMWatch here
SunNov273:00 PMMiami-Hamilton at WSULCMen11/27/20168:00 PM11/28/20168:00 PMWatch here
TuesNov296:00 PMAnna at Ft. LoramieGirls11/30/20166:00 PM12/1/20166:00 PMWatch here
FriDec26:30 PMAnna at Ft. LoramieBoys12/2/201611:00 PM12/4/2016NoonWatch here
SatDec31:00 PMEdison State CC at WSULCWomen12/3/20169:00 PM12/4/20162:00 PMWatch here
SatDec33:00 PMEdison State CC at WSULCMen12/3/201611:00 PM12/4/20164:00 PMWatch here
TuesDec66:00 PMNew Bremen at Ft. LoramieGirls12/8/20166:00 PM12/10/2016NoonWatch here
WedDec77:30 PMWilmington at ONUWomen12/8/20168:00 PM12/10/20162:00 PMWatch here
FriDec96:30 PMFt. Loramie at BotkinsBoys12/9/201611:00 PM12/10/20164:00 PMWatch here
SatDec1012:00 PMLehman at New KnoxvilleGirls12/11/2016Noon12/12/20166:00 PMWatch here
SatDec106:00 PMAnna at New KnoxvilleBoys12/10/201611:00 PM12/11/20162:00 PMWatch here
SatDec172:00 PMJohn Carroll at ONUMen12/18/2016Noon12/19/20166:00 PMWatch here
WedDec216:00 PMMinster at LehmanBoys12/22/20166:00 PM12/24/20162:00 PMWatch here
ThurDec226:00 PMAnna at LehmanGirls12/24/2016Noon12/26/20166:00 PMWatch here
TuesDec276:00 PMNew Bremen at LehmanGirls12/28/20166:00 PM12/29/20166:00 PMWatch here
TuesDec276:30 PMMinster at BotkinsBoys12/28/20168:00 PM12/29/20168:00 PMWatch here
MonJan26:00 PMFt. Loramie at New Bremen (rescheduled from Dec. 17)Boys1/3/20176:00 PM1/4/20176:00 PMWatch here
ThurJan56:00 PMMarion Local at New BremenGirls1/7/201710:00 AM1/8/2017NoonWatch here
SatJan72:00 PMMarietta at ONUMen1/7/20178:00 PM1/8/20174:00 PMWatch here
SatJan71:00 PMBotkins at New BremenGirls1/9/20176:00 PM1/10/20178:00 PMWatch here
WedJan117:00 PMBaldwin Wallace at ONUMen1/12/20176:00 PM1/14/20172:00 PMWatch here
ThurJan126:00 PMFt. Loramie at AnnaGirls1/14/2017Noon1/15/2017NoonWatch here
FriJan136:30 PMFt. Loramie at AnnaBoys1/13/201711:00 PM1/14/20174:00 PMWatch here
SatJan141:00 PMMinster at Ft. LoramieGirls1/16/20176:00 PM1/17/20176:00 PMWatch here
SatJan146:00 PMFt. Loramie at MinsterBoys1/14/201711:00 PM1/15/20172:00 PMWatch here
MonJan161:00 PMAndrews at WSULCWomen1/16/20178:00 PM1/17/20178:00 PMWatch here
MonJan163:00 PMAndrews at WSULCMen1/16/201710:00 PM1/17/201710:00 PMWatch here
TuesJan176:00 PMMarion Local at AnnaGirls1/19/20176:00 PM1/21/20172:00 PMWatch here
WedJan187:30 PMHeidelberg at ONUWomen1/19/20176:00 PM1/21/20174:00 PMWatch here
ThurJan196:00 PMMinster at New BremenGirls1/21/2017Noon1/22/2017NoonWatch here
FriJan206:30 PMNew Bremen at MinsterBoys1/20/201711:00 PM1/22/20172:00 PMWatch here
SatJan211:00 PMCincinnati-Clermont at WSULCWomen1/21/20178:00 PM1/22/20174:00 PMWatch here
SatJan213:00 PMCincinnati-Clermont at WSULCMen1/21/201710:00 PM1/22/20176:00 PMWatch here
WedJan257:00 PMWilmington at ONUMen1/26/20176:00 PM1/28/20172:00 PMWatch here
ThurJan266:00 PMNew Bremen at New KnoxvilleGirls1/28/2017Noon1/29/2017NoonWatch here
FriJan276:00 PMNew Knoxville at New BremenBoys1/27/201711:00 PM1/29/20172:00 PMWatch here
SatJan2812:00 PMBotkins at New KnoxvilleGirls1/28/201711:00 PM1/29/20174:00 PMWatch here
TuesJan316:00 PMAnna at LehmanBoys2/2/20176:00 PM2/4/20172:00 PMWatch here
WedFeb17:30 PMBaldwin Wallace at ONUWomen2/2/20178:00 PM2/4/20174:00 PMWatch here
FriFeb36:00 PMMarion Local at MinsterBoys2/3/201711:00 PM2/5/20174:00 PMWatch here
SatFeb41:00 PMBotkins at AnnaGirls2/5/2017Noon2/5/20176:00 PMWatch here
SatFeb46:00 PMBotkins at New BremenBoys2/4/201711:00 PM2/5/20178:00 PMWatch here
TuesFeb76:00 PMNew Knoxville at AnnaGirls2/9/20176:00 PM2/12/2017NoonWatch here
TuesFeb76:00 PMSidney at Ft. LoramieGirls2/9/20178:00 PM2/12/20172:00 PMWatch here
WedFeb87:00 PMHeidelberg at ONUMen2/9/201710:00 PM2/12/20174:00 PMWatch here
WedFeb85:30 PMOSU Lima at WSULCWomen2/11/201710:00 AM2/12/20176:00 PMWatch here
WedFeb87:30 PMOSU Lima at WSULCMen2/11/2017Noon2/12/20178:00 PMWatch here
ThurFeb96:00 PMMinster at New KnoxvilleGirls2/11/20176:00 PM2/13/20178:00 PMWatch here
FriFeb106:00 PMNew Knoxville at MinsterBoys2/10/201711:00 PM2/14/20178:00 PMWatch here
FriFeb106:30 PMBotkins at AnnaBoys2/13/20176:00 PM2/18/20172:00 PMWatch here
SatFeb113:00 PMJohn Carroll at ONUWomen2/11/201711:00 PM2/18/20176:00 PMWatch here
TuesFeb146:00 PMFt. Loramie at Marion LocalGirls2/16/20176:00 PM2/19/2017NoonWatch here
WedFeb157:00 PMOtterbein at ONUMen2/16/20178:00 PM2/19/20172:00 PMWatch here
ThurFeb166:00 PMMarion Local at New KnoxvilleGirls2/18/2017Noon2/19/20174:00 PMWatch here
FriFeb176:00 PMNew Knoxville at Marion LocalBoys2/17/201711:00 PM2/19/20176:00 PMWatch here
Tournament Games
SatFeb1811:00 AMBotkins vs. Houston (@ Sidney)Girls Tournament2/20/20175:00 PM2/21/20175:00 PMWatch here
SatFeb182:00 PMFt. Loramie vs. Riverside (@ Sidney)Girls Tournament2/20/20177:00 PM2/21/20177:00 PMWatch here
SatFeb183:30 PMLehman vs. Russia (@ Sidney)Girls Tournament2/20/20179:00 PM2/21/20179:00 PMWatch here
WedFeb226:15 PMNew Knoxville vs. Lincolnview (@ Allen East)Girls Tournament2/23/20175:00 PM2/25/20175:00 PMWatch here
WedFeb228:00 PMMarion Local vs. Spencerville (@ Allen East)Girls Tournament2/23/20177:00 PM2/25/20177:00 PMWatch here
SatFeb251:30 PMFort Loramie vs. Russia (@ Sidney)Girls Tournament2/26/201712:00 PM2/27/20176:00 PMWatch here
SatFeb256:15 PMMinster vs. Hardin Northern (@ Bath)Girls Tournament2/27/20178:00 PM2/28/20176:00 PMWatch here
SatFeb258:00 PMNew Bremen vs. L.C.C. (@ Bath)Girls Tournament2/28/20178:00 PM3/1/20176:00 PMWatch here
TuesFeb288:00 PMNew Bremen vs. Ada (@ Coldwater)Boys Tournament3/1/20178:00 PM3/2/20176:00 PMWatch here
WedMar17:30 PMFort Loramie vs. Triad (@Piqua)Boys Tournament3/2/20178:00 PM3/4/2017NOONWatch here
ThurMar26:15 PMMarion Local vs. USV (@ Wapak)Girls Tournament3/4/20172:00 PM3/5/2017NOONWatch here
ThurMar28:00 PMMinster vs. New Bremen(@ Wapak)Girls Tournament3/4/20174:00 PM3/5/20172:00 PMWatch here
FriMar38:00 PMMinster vs. Lima Temple (@ Allen East)Boys Tournament3/3/201711:00 PM3/5/20174:00 PMWatch here
SatMar47:00 PMFt. Loramie vs. Russia (@Piqua)Boys Tournament3/4/201711:00 PM3/5/20175:00 PMWatch here
TuesMar76:15 PMMinster vs. Perry (@ Wapak)Boys Tournament3/8/20176:00 PM3/9/20176:00 PMWatch here
ThurMar96:15 PMMarion Local vs. Spencerville (@ Lima Senior)Boys Tournament3/11/20172:00 PM3/12/20172:00 PMWatch here
ThurMar 98:00 PMMinster vs. Russia (@ Butler)Girls Tournament3/11/2017NOON3/12/2017NOONWatch here
FriMar105:30 PMFort Loramie vs. Lockland (@ UD Arena)Boys Tournament3/13/20176:00 PM3/14/20176:00 PMWatch here
SatMar117:30 PMMinster vs. Jackson Center (@ Butler)Girls Tournament3/13/20178:00 PM3/14/20178:00 PMWatch here
TuesMar145:30 PMFort Loramie vs. Lima Perry (@ Kettering Fairmont)Boys Tournament3/15/20176:00 PM3/16/20176:00 PMWatch here
WedMar156:15 PMMarion Local vs. Milan Edison (@ Bowling Green)Boys Tournament3/16/20178:00 PM3/17/20178:00 PMWatch here
TuesAug235:30 PMFort Loramie at MinsterVolleyball8/24/20166:00 PM8/25/20166:00 PMWatch here
FriAug267:30 PMMinster at Fort LoramieFootball8/26/201611:00 PM8/30/20167:00 PMWatch here
SatAug271:00 PMMiami Hamilton at WSU LCWSU Volleyball8/28/20162:00 PM8/29/20166:00 PMWatch here
SatAug275:00 PMKSU-TUSC at WSU LCWSU Volleyball8/28/20164:00 PM8/29/20168:00 PMWatch here
TuesAug305:30 PMMarion Local at Sidney LehmanVolleyball8/31/20166:00 PM9/1/20166:00 PMWatch here
TuesAug305:30 PMFort Loramie at BotkinsVolleyball8/31/20168:00 PM9/1/20168:00 PMWatch here
FriSept27:30 PMLehman Catholic at MinsterFootball9/2/201611:00 PM9/6/20167:00 PMWatch here
WedSept77:00 PMOSU Lima at WSU LCWSU Volleyball9/8/20165:00 PM9/10/2016NOONWatch here
ThurSept85:00 PMLehman Catholic at New KnoxvilleBoys Soccer9/10/20162:00 PM9/11/20164:00 PMWatch here
ThurSept85:30 PMDelphos St. Johns at MinsterVolleyball9/10/20164:00 PM9/11/2016NOONWatch here
TuesSept135:30 PMAnna at BotkinsVolleyball9/14/20166:00 PM9/15/20166:00 PMWatch here
ThursSept155:00 PMBotkins at New KnoxvilleBoys Soccer9/17/2016NOON9/18/2016NOONWatch here
ThursSept155:30 PMFt. Recovery at New BremenVolleyball9/17/20162:00 PM9/18/20162:00 PMWatch here
FriSept167:30 PMAnna at New BremenFootball9/16/201611:00 PM9/20/20167:00 PMWatch here
MonSept195:30 PMAnna at New KnoxvilleVolleyball9/21/20165:00 PM9/22/20165:00 PMWatch here
TuesSept205:30 PMNew Bremen at MinsterVolleyball9/21/20167:00 PM9/22/20167:00 PMWatch here
TuesSept205:30 PMParkway at Marion LocalVolleyball9/21/20169:00 PM9/22/20169:00 PMWatch here
ThurSept225:30 PMNew Knoxville at New BremenVolleyball9/24/20166:00 PM9/25/2016NOONWatch here
ThurSept225:30 PMBotkins at Fort LoramieVolleyball9/24/20168:00 PM9/25/20162:00 PMWatch here
FriSept237:30 PMVersailles at Marion LocalFootball9/23/201611:00 PM9/27/20167:00 PMWatch here
FriSept307:30 PMMarion Local at AnnaFootball9/30/201611:00 PM10/4/20167:00 PMWatch here
SatOct11:30 PMMount Union at ONUONU Football10/1/201611:00 PM10/2/2016NOONWatch here
MonOct36:00 PMEdison at WSU LCWSU Volleyball10/4/20166:00 PM10/5/20166:00 PMWatch here
TuesOct45:30 PMMarion Local at AnnaVolleyball10/5/20168:00 PM10/6/20166:00 PMWatch here
ThurOct65:00 PMLehman Catholic at AnnaGirls Soccer10/8/2016NOON10/9/2016NOONWatch here
ThurOct65:30 PMNew Knoxville at MinsterVolleyball10/8/20162:00 PM10/9/20162:00 PMWatch here
FriOct77:30 PMSt. Henry at AnnaFootball10/7/201611:00 PM10/11/20167:00 PMWatch here
ThurOct135:30 PMSt. Henry at New BremenVolleyball10/15/20164:00 PM10/16/20162:00 PMWatch here
FriOct147:30 PMMinster at New BremenFootball10/14/201611:00 PM10/18/20165:30 PMWatch here
FriOct147:00 PMFort Loramie at Sidney LehmanFootball10/15/2016NOON10/18/20168:00 PMWatch here
SatOct151:00 PMRochester at WSU LCWSU Volleyball10/16/20164:00 PM10/17/20165:00 PMWatch here
SatOct155:00 PMClermont at WSU LCWSU Volleyball10/16/20166:00 PM10/17/20167:00 PMWatch here
SatOct156:00 PMJohn Carroll at ONUONU Football10/16/20168:00 PM10/17/20169:00 PMWatch here
TuesOct186:00 PMLima Temple Christian vs. New Knoxville (@ New Knoxville)Tournament Volleyball10/19/20166:00 PM10/20/20168:00 PMWatch here
WedOct197:30 PMBotkins vs. Southeastern/Fairlawn (@ Troy)Tournament Volleyball10/20/20166:00 PM10/22/20166:00 PMWatch here
ThursOct206:00 PMNew Knoxville vs. Minster (@ Minster)Tournament Volleyball10/22/20168:00 PM10/23/20164:00 PMWatch here
FriOct217:30 PMColdwater at AnnaFootball10/21/201611:00 PM10/25/20167:00 PMWatch here
SatOct221:30 PMMuskingum at ONUONU Football10/22/201611:00 PM10/23/2016NOONWatch here
TuesOct256:00 PMNew Bremen vs. Ottoville (@ Van Wert)Tournament Volleyball10/26/20166:00 PM10/27/20168:00 PMWatch here
TuesOct257:30 PMMinster vs. Marion Local (@ Van Wert)Tournament Volleyball10/26/20168:00 PM10/27/20166:00 PMWatch here
ThursOct276:00 PMNew Bremen vs. Minster (@ Van Wert)Tournament Volleyball10/29/2016NOON10/30/20162:00 PMWatch here
FriOct287:30 PMVersailles at New BremenFootball10/28/201611:00 PM11/1/20167:00 PMWatch here
WedNov26:00 PMNew Bremen vs. Fort Loramie (@ Brookville)Tournament Volleyball11/3/20166:00 PM11/6/20163:00 PMWatch here
WedNov27:30 PMLehman vs. Jackson Center (@ Troy)Tournament Volleyball11/3/201610:00 PM11/6/20165:00 PMWatch here
ThursNov36:00 PMAnna vs. Utica (@ Kettering)Tournament Volleyball11/5/201610:00 AM11/6/20167:00 PMWatch here
SatNov51:30 PMWilmington at ONUONU Football11/5/201611:00 PM11/6/2016NOONWatch here
SatNov52:00 PMNew Bremen vs. Jackson Center (@ Troy)Tournament Volleyball11/8/20166:00 PM11/9/20166:00 PMWatch here
SatNov127:00 PMMinster vs. Upper Scioto Valley (@ Wapak)Tournament Football11/12/2016